What would you do if your computer was lost, stolen, the HDD failed or a virus destroyed the data?

Recent Incidents

  • 19.03.16 a $774 Ransom was paid to recover files for a local University student
  • 29.03.16 a $306 Ransom to recover files for a local business man
  • 26.04.16 a $716 Ransom to recover files for a local family that lost all of their photos. The backup HDD was connected to the computer and that was also encrypted.
  • 06.05.16 a $2086 ransom that was negotiated from $3200 to recover files for a local company that had their server hacked using RDP the backups were also encrypted as they were connected to the server

In every case were I.T. Solutions Tasmania have paid a ransom we have successfully recovered the files.

I.T. Solutions Tasmania can provide you with expert advice to protect your valuable data.

Backing up your data is critical for your important files to prevent it from being lost in the event of a hardware failure. We can setup backup solutions or move your valuable data to a service such as Dropbox to protect you in the event of hardware failure.

Recently we had a client that was a victim of the CryptoLocker virus.  Although the client was running Avast, the virus still infected the system and encrypted all of the files.  The client was left with just two options – lose the files, or pay a $500 US ransom to get the key to decrypt the files.  We tested the virus using BitDefender and it was blocked at two separate stages – the first method was disable to see what happened next.  This is a perfect example of why you should be backing up your data, and why you should have working Antivirus Software.